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Indoor plants

Indoor plants can really turn your house into a home. And not just because of their great looks. Did you know that a green living environment also improves your health? All plants produce extra oxygen and have been proven to help you focus better. In addition to that, quite a lot of indoor plants have the ability to improve humidity and to purify the air. Read more

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At Green lifestyle store you will find a carefully selected range of all kinds of houseplants, including pots, that can be delivered to your doorstep! Our collection varies from large, prominent plants to small eye-catchers, all of which perfectly match current trends. You’ll no longer have to visit busy garden centres and find a trunk full of potting soil: all our indoor plants are carefully packed and delivered to your doorstep. Since our indoor plants are delivered including pot, all you need to do is pick a good spot!


Whatever the interior, indoor plants really turn your house into a home. They give every space a natural and relaxed look. The best spot to place your plants? Which spot isn’t! Houseplants look great in the living room, but can also transform your hall, bedroom or bathroom beautifully.

Moreover, many indoor plants are incredibly useful! By this we refer to air-purifying houseplants. These houseplants not only produce oxygen, but also emit water vapor and break down toxic substances. In short, these air-purifiers contribute to a healthier, better living environment. It has been found that most people become both happier and healthier thanks to houseplants. Moreover, indoor plants can improve your general performance by as much as 20 to 40 percent, research has shown. What else could you look for in a new roommate?

Which indoor plant suits you best? Are you looking for a large, trendy indoor plant, or would you prefer a small eye-catcher? Do you have green fingers, or do you want an easy houseplant? Read on and discover all types of indoor plants to be found on our website.


You will find all kinds of indoor plants at Green lifestyle store: from small plants to large, air-purifying plants. There are all kinds of easy indoor plants, but there is also plenty to choose for plants lovers with green fingers. Our collection is selected with the utmost care. We are always looking for beautiful indoor plants of the highest quality, for which we visit plant growers regularly. We keep a close eye on current trends, and put together a new range every season. Therefore you can always count on finding the trendiest indoor plants of the best quality in our online shop!


Large indoor plants are extremely popular. And justly so. Such houseplants are relatively easy to care for, immediately catch the eye and create a pleasant atmosphere in any room. One large indoor plant can already make the difference between a plain space and an inviting, botanical interior. Which large indoor plant suits you best depends on your taste and interior. For example, do you prefer a sleek, minimalist interior? Then a houseplant like the Tillandsia is an excellent choice. Do you prefer to create an urban jungle home? Then go for a combination of large indoor plants, such as the Monstera or Musa (banana plant).


There are all kinds of small, green indoor plants to be found on our website. These are ideal for smaller spaces, which you can completely transform with small indoor plants. Consider, for example, plants such as Bromelias, which stand out immediately in a bedroom. Or do you have a small living room that you want to give a botanical look? In that case small houseplants like Alocasias are always great options. Despite their modest size, these extraordinary indoor plants are real eye-catchers.


Want to buy an air-purifying indoor plant? That’s an excellent idea for both your interior and your health. Air-purifying houseplants do not only produce oxygen, but also break down toxic substances and improve air humidity. These amazing effects of air-purifying houseplants are very useful in our well-insulated homes. There is often not enough oxygen and too much dry air, which can cause headaches and sleeping problems. Air-purifying indoor plants offer the perfect solution for this: they convert CO2 into oxygen and emit water vapor, thereby effectively improving the living environment. All the while looking fantastic.

Want to know which air-purifying indoor plants you can find at Green lifestyle store? We have selected a number of beautiful ai- purifiers for you.


Looking for trendy indoor plants? Our range changes every season, so you can always find a super trendy houseplant! We keep a close eye on trends and adjust our Top 10 Indoor Plants accordingly. For example, the Alocasia and Strelitzia are real must-haves at the moment. All popular indoor plants have one thing in common: they are green, which is in perfectly in line with current trends. For example: many go with a Scandinavian look, opt for an urban jungle or prefer a minimalist interior. And green indoor plants are a perfect match with these trendy interiors!

Looking for a trendy indoor plant with an elegant, sturdy or classic look? Take a look at our Top 10.


Enjoying beautiful indoor plants without having to put much effort into them? Have a look at our collection of easy indoor plants! In addition to cacti and succulents (succulents), there are plenty of other houseplants that are easy-care. Read on and discover which plants these are exactly!


Cacti and succulents (succulent plants) are generally known as easy indoor plants that require little water. They’ll only need water when the soil is dried up. Some succulents could even survive all summer without water! This is because they can store enough water in the leaves. Although hardly demanding, cacti and succulents are not indestructible. Some can stand direct sunlight well, while others should can stay out of the sun. Most cacti and succulents do well in a light place, where they don’t stand in direct sunlight.


Tropical indoor plants can also be quite easy to take care of! There are plenty such plants that only need water as soon as the potting soil is dry. For others, a bit of sprayed water every now and then is sufficient. Once you have put these house plants in the right spot, you’ll actually have little to worry about. Of course you will find all information in the description of all our balcony- and houseplants. That way you know exactly how to keep your green roomie happy!


Indoor plants in preserving jars are the easiest because they maintain their own ecosystem. These plants take care of themselves. You will receive all our preserving jars with plants as a DIY package. You can therefore determine the design of your plant ecosystem yourself! Afterwards you close the jar, and make sure not to open it again. After you have placed your houseplant in a preserving pot, it starts to build its own ecosystem. The natural humidity of the living environment of the plant is regulated and the air is constantly recycled with its nutrients. This allows you to enjoy the plant for months without having to care for it. Easy does it! Make sure you place the plant ecosystem in a light place (not in full sun) and that the temperature does not fluctuate too much.

Click here for our complete collection of easy indoor plants.


Are you a true plant lover, but never able to keep your houseplants alive? No worries, we’ll tell you all you need to know! Read on for all information about the care of houseplants. For example, watering, the location (light, sun or shade) and plant nutrition are discussed.


Every indoor plant needs water, but the optimal quantity and type differs per plant type. For example, some indoor plants are sensitive to cold tap water. Its best to water such plants with room temperature water. Do you have a rain barrel outside? You’ll make your houseplants super happy if you water them with rainwater, since this contains less chalk than tap water. Also be sure not to over water your houseplants, which can be fatal. This is because indoor plants cannot drain the water, as opposed to outdoor plants. Too much water suffocates the roots, and causes the plant to absorb fewer nutrients.

Naturally right amount of water differs per houseplant. For example, a Monstera needs regular water, and cacti can survive for months without a drop. A good tip: consider the origin of the houseplant. The banana plant (Musa), for example, comes from the tropics, a moist area. The best thing to do is to keep the potting soil of the banana plant moist and spray it regularly with a plant sprayer. Too much of a hassle? No worries! All our houseplants are supplied with care tips, which are also specified on the product pages on our website.

Still too much of a hassle? Or do you have little time to water your indoor plants? Then you’ll love Waterworks!


Give your indoor plant space. Plants that are still growing will need this. So don't put it in a corner or another narrow spot; this way your beautiful houseplant can grow beautifully! Furthermore, it is important to take the lighting at your home into account. A good tip: most plants do well in a light place, out of full sun. Some plants can also withstand the full sun, and others also do well in the shade. Therefore always check what type of place is optimal for your new plant.


In order to keep growing nicely, plants need nutrition. All our balcony and indoor plants are supplied with fresh potting soil: enough nutrition for 2 months. After that, it’s best to regularly give some plant food, such as universal plant food or special food for green houseplants.


Indoor plants love clean leaves! Outdoor plants are generally kept clean by nature: you will never find any dust on them due to rain and wind. This is of course quite different when it comes to houseplants. Therefore make sure that you dust your indoor plants now and then, which will allow them to breathe easily through their leaves.


Do you have small children or pets? Then it is very important to ensure that you do not bring poisonous indoor plants into your home. Small children naturally put everything in their mouths, and dogs and cats tend to do this as well. The degree of toxicity differs per plant. Some plants are slightly toxic, and can lead to complaints such as abdominal pain or allergy. For example, the juice of some plants can cause skin or throat irritation. But there are also plants that are fatally toxic. Always research potential new houseplants!


When purchasing a new indoor plant it is always important to check whether this plant is possibly poisonous. In this list you will find common indoor plants that are very toxic. This does not concern all poisonous house plants! Therefore always research potential new plants, even if they are not on the list below. Or go to our overview of child & animal-friendly houseplants.

  • Anemone
  • Azalea
  • Clivia
  • Dieffenbachia (do not let your child vomit!)
  • Gloriosa
  • Autumn style
  • Christmas star
  • Lilies
  • Lily of the valley
  • Monstera
  • Daffodil
  • Oleander
  • Philodendron (do not let your child vomit!)
  • Vinca


Pets are generally less sensitive to poisonous indoor plants than children, but it they might still be dangerous or even poisonous. The Oleander, for example, is fatally toxic to humans and animals. The above list of poisonous indoor plants is also toxic to animals. Keep in mind that these are only the most poisonous indoor plants, and that you should always check future plants. Click here for an overview of plants that are safe for cats, dogs and other pets.


Before you get yourself a new green roommate, it's best to find out what it needs. You’ll then be able to determine the best spot for it. Most indoor plants are best placed on a light spot, clear of direct sunlight. Here they’ll receive light without getting their leaves burnt by the sun. Yet there are also indoor plants that benefit from direct sunlight, or some shine brightest in the shade!


Are you looking for an indoor plant for a light spot, clear of direct sunlight? Then you’ll have plenty to choose from! From Musas to Alocasias: most indoor plants prefer such a light place.

View our complete overview of houseplants for a light place.


Is there a dark corner in your living room that you would like to brighten up with an indoor plant? Or do you not have much sunlight at home? Then choose a houseplant that fares well in the shade! A popular choice is the Monstera obliqua, which works great in the shade due to its origins. This houseplant has its roots in the jungles of South and Central America, where it winds its way over the ground. Here it is usually in the shade of larger trees and plants. Other ground cover plants or succulent plants are also always good choices: these houseplants brighten up every spot in the shade!

View our complete overview of houseplants for a spot in the shade.


Although most house plants cannot appreciate the sun as much as we do, there are a few exceptions. Fortunately! Houseplants naturally look great on a sunny windowsill. Especially cacti and succulents are real “sunproof” houseplants. To survive in the desert, they store a lot of water in their leaves or trunk. This allows these plants to survive in dry, sunny environments. So there’s no harm in placing Aloe Vera on a sunny spot, or in hanging a set of mini cacti or Bromelias in front of the window!

View our complete overview of houseplants for a sunny spot.


Our view on indoor plants? Plants make a house into a home: a place where you can really unwind. Not only thanks to the stylish addition to the interior, but also because of the air-purifying properties. Plants make you healthier, happier and more relaxed! Everyone should have them in their homes. In practice however, there’s often little time to visit garden centres, to match indoor plants with pots and to find the right location. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can enjoy a relaxing, trendy green interior. We therefore create a new collection every season, which only include the best picks: beautiful, original and trendy plants. These are all delivered including a decorative pot and plant care tips: all you need to do is pick a good spot!


Our stylists put together a new collection every season. What are they looking for? The most beautiful indoor plants, matching the latest trends, of the very best quality. We visit all kinds of plant growers, and select the real must-haves from the huge selection.


All our plants are delivered including a decorative pot of our own design. These pots can change the look of your plant enormously! For example, do you have a minimalist interior with cool colours? Then a green indoor plant in a light pot would be a wonderful match. Does your interior have warm colours? Then we bet that a dark green plant in a dark pot would fit in great there. Not sure which plant and pot would fit well in your interior? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to advise you on the perfect plant for your living room, bedroom or balcony!


All of our indoor plants are delivered fresh from the grower, and carefully packed in a plant-friendly box. This way, we ensure that you’ll receive a top-quality plant.

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